Smart Skills - Components ISBN
Self-Study Edition (Student's Book, Self-Study Guide and Audio MP3 CD) 9781781642351

Student's Book (without answers and audio CDs)

Teacher's Book 9781781642344
Audio CDs 9781781642368

SMART Skills - 2015 Edition

  • Focus on Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Writing & Listening at Level B2.
  • Each Unit consists of:
  • Section A: Reading: Main text followed by Comprehension Questions, in multiple choice format, and sometimes by Matching-the-Headings exercises. Relevant vocabulary-building exercises follow.
    Grammar: Brief Grammar theory notes and tables, followed by many exercises that help students practise each grammatical topic.
  • Section B: Vocabulary: Collocations - Word building Structure - Derivatives Antonyms - Expressions - Phrasal Verbs
  • Section C: Listening: Pre-listening Activities - Listening Development exercises
  • FCE Listening Exam Practice
    Speaking:Improve your Speaking skills’ section with Common Mistakes, and ‘Speaking Helpline’ with Idioms & Useful phrases
  • Speaking activities - Tips & Instructions - FCE Speaking Exam Practice in each unit
  • Writing: All the different writing tasks for learners at level B2: Essay Letter Email Article Review Story Report
  • Model writing texts are followed by a section on
    How to plan your letter’ followed by a ‘Similar Topic’.